At first glance, your kitchen is simply a place to prepare meals. However, it is also a prime congregation area on the home. Many items must be stored here, and the space must be functional and well-organized. It also should be beautifully decorated and express the personality of the homeowner in a thoughtful way. If you are preparing to re-design your existing kitchen or if you are building a new home from the ground up, you understandably are focused on creating a beautiful, functional design.

We want your kitchen to be a room you and your loved ones thoroughly enjoy spending time in. Our design team will spend ample time learning more about how you intend to use this space and what your preferred style is before creating a design plan you will love.

Kitchen Design Melbourne

The kitchen is the most important room in every home. More than just a place to cook, your kitchen is the centre of your household. The designers at Oakwood understand this and aim to make your time in the kitchen more efficient, easier and more enjoyable by setting high standards when it comes to convenience, function and design.

Regardless of your style or the shape of your space, every kitchen layout should be designed around the main work areas - fridge, sink and oven/cook top and you should be able to move easily between them.

The four main styles in kitchen design are L-shaped, U-shaped, galley kitchen and single kitchen, with island bars adding to each style to create many permutations. Storage solutions from leading hardware designers and manufacturers will enable you to maximise your storage space while allowing freedom of design, colour and finish. This makes it possible to achieve the look you want with no compromise on functionality.

Kitchen Renovations Melbourne

A kitchen renovation is a big task and cause for a certain amount of upheaval in your home. Oakwood understands this and we will work closely with you to ensure that everything is considered before we start building. We aim for the least disruption to your home and routine. We will be in touch with you every step of the way and you will be kept fully informed of the progress of your job. Oakwood has excellent contacts and can provide a full trades service, working with our builders, painters, plumbers and electricians to take the load off you and achieve a co-ordinated result.

All aspects of kitchen use are discussed, from storage options to a homework space for your children, from waste recycling areas to clever lighting techniques.

As well as finishes such as stone, timber, paint and the many melamine colours and patterns, our designers consider your kitchen layout and workspace.

Storage options can include drawers, which maximise storage space, making it easy to reach your kitchen's darkest corners. Extra-deep drawers are perfect for pots and pans. Shallow, extra-wide varieties are great for storing cutlery. Pullout pantries are another terrific storage option, allowing easy access to all parts of your pantry.