Bathroom Renovations

Most bathrooms are very small in size, so it is critical that you maximize the use of the space in the most practical way possible.

Cabinetry and drawers in a bathroom are critical to your functional use of this space. In addition, this is a very moist area of the home, so the materials used in your cabinetry and drawers should be designed for use in this type of environment. Through the design services at Oakwood Kitchens, you can easily create the ideal cabinetry system for your home. These are features that will improve your storage space while adding appeal to the décor.

Oakwood can design and build bathroom cabinetry that can turn your bathroom into a highlight of your home. Classical elegance or the latest in modern styles and designs can be achieved with the use of high moisture resistant panels finished in high gloss paint or melamine in myriad colours and patterns. Stone bench tops add strength and practicality, while providing an extremely attractive appearance.