Penthouse Views

This magnificent penthouse apartment, with a 180 degree view overlooking Melbourne’s Port Phillip Bay and northern suburbs, provided a rewarding challenge for Oakwood. The pitch and angles in the walls allowed our clients and their architects (Bruce Henderson Architects), and our staff to indulge their imaginations and create alcoves and multi-purpose areas to hide or display collections of sculpture and books.
Testament to experience of tradesmen, the angles proved no problem. Materials used in the creation of these display cabinets and shelving included marble, glass, timber and leather.

The office alcove has a sliding door allowing a separation of work and leisure. The filing cabinets form part of the wall and the top cupboard is built to the same angle. The wall panelling in the entry foyer was designed by the architects and Oakwood staff wrote the CNC program enabling all panels to be routered from MDF. The panels were then sent away to be painted and, on their return, mounted on split battens.

The sleek lines of the kitchen create a refined silhouette enhanced by the use of pale marble. Hafele fittings allow the pantry cupboards to glide smoothly while providing a functional yet understated storage space. The long bench under the full-width windows enhances the spectacular view.

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