Art in the kitchen

Our client requested that a piece of glass art be incorporated into her kitchen bench top. Oakwood worked closely with the client and glass artist to ensure a spectacular result. This renovated apartment in one of Melbourne’s inner suburbs was given a functional yet beautiful facelift. In order that the glass bench top remained a highlight feature of the new kitchen, we designed a clean and simple wall of cabinets that retained interest with the stepped outline, but also kept a feeling of minimalism by using touch close door and drawer fixtures from Blum rather than applying handles to the exterior of the cabinets and drawers.

The simplicity of the kitchen was echoed in the bookshelves which feature in the flow-on retreat adjoining the kitchen. Here beech shelves were separated by black vertical dividers forming a stunning contrast yet allowing the objects on display to shine.

Pic3_1 Pic4_1 Pic5_1 Pic1_1 Pic2_1

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