7 For All Mankind

The challenge for Oakwood in supplying the shopfront for 7 For All Mankind in Melbourne’s Emporium, was the curves and gradients in the tenancy baseline. Our talented tradespeople drew and cut the substrate on CNC machinery and bent the prefinished, engineered oak board to the profile. As an indication of the complexity, the shopfront was 10 metres long and curved. In addition, the floor level fell from a datum point of 0° to -180°, while the ceiling height was 0° to +100°.

We were quietly pleased with the result!

For-All-Mankind-Oakwood-Kitchens-5 For-All-Mankind-Oakwood-Kitchens-4 For-All-Mankind-Oakwood-Kitchens-3 For-All-Mankind-Oakwood-Kitchens-2 For-All-Mankind-Oakwood-Kitchens-1

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