Production & Delivery


At Oakwood Kitchens, we employ quality techniques throughout the production phase of the process to ensure that the work is completed on time and on budget without sacrificing on quality. Our experienced and well-trained cabinetmakers oversee all aspects of the production process, and this process begins with the use of modern design software. The software generates spectacular designs that are brought to life with point-to-point machinery in our factory. This is an efficient process that produces accurate, flawless results.


After the cabinetry has been fully completed, our own staff members will carefully transport them to your home for installation. We have a number of quality vehicles in our fleet that enable us to deliver cabinets for all sizes of projects within a single shipment. We are focused on providing a quality finished product to your property on time. We even have a customized trolley system in one of our largest trucks to ensure the prompt delivery of even the largest orders. This trolley system can work in conjunction with a crane for lifting cabinetry up several floors, if necessary.

All aspects of the production and delivery process are superior to ensure your total satisfaction with the process as well as with the finished results.